'In this project, I try to include cultural studies and social science as additional frameworks to comprehend the way we consume photography and, photography, through its implicit quality—mechanical reproduction consumes us. At the same time, I used a photographic style that is close to flat copy to "reveal the part that the naked eye is not able to (or easily) discern in an authentic work."' -Excerpted from 'The Project Starts...' by the artist

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The Idiosyncratic Hong Kong Lifestyle of a Professor Book Series | 大學教授白癡式生活叢書 之二

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The Project Starts... | 緣起 - TSANG Tak Ping Kith, 曾德平

The 21st Century—an Era of Popularised Photography and Beyond | 攝影普及化的廿一世紀及其後 - TSANG Tak Ping Kith, 曾德平

The Dreams Garden: Living under the Lens in a World of Wonders | 遊園戲夢:活在鏡下的大千世界 - WONG Kai Yu Blues, 黃啟裕

Accidental Dialogue/ Fung Mo+Tsang Tak-ping| 偶然對話/ 鳳毛+曾德平

The Phantom of Consumerism
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The Phantom of Consumerism, 消費主義的魑魅魍魎

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