The Sculpture Research Semiyearly, founded in 2008 by the Juming Museum, is devoted to encourage research in the field of sculpture from domestic academic communities, and to foster the academic development of sculpture.

The Archive holds the following issues of The Sculpture Research Semiyearly:

2008: Sept(Initial Issue, 2 copies)

2009: Mar(No.2, 2 copies), Sept(No.3, 2 copies)

2010: Mar(No.4, 2 copies)

2011: May(No.5), Sept(No.6)

2012: Mar(No.7), Sept(No.8)

2013: Mar(No.9), Sept(No.10)

2014: Mar(No.11), Sept(No.12, 2 copies)

2015: Mar(No.13), Sept(No.14, 2 copies)

2016: Mar(No.15), Sept(No.16)

2017: Mar(No.17), Oct(No.18)

2018: May(No.19)

2019: May(No.21), Dec(No.22)

2020: Jun(No.23), Dec(No.24)

2021: Jun(No.25)

2022: May(No.27), Nov(No.28)

2023: Jun(No.29), Nov(No.30)

Note: The Sculpture Research Semiyearly is published semiannually in March and September.

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The Sculpture Research Semiyearly (All holdings in AAA)
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The Sculpture Research Semiyearly (All Holdings), 雕塑研究:學術半年刊