‘"The Time Is Out Of Joint" is a multi-space project; this two-volume publication is one of its manifestations that adopt spatial and temporary strategies inspired by the idea of time as a fluid space and space as frozen time. Co-edited by Tarek Abou El Fetouh and Ala Younis, and with many texts translated to English or Arabic for the first time, this bi-lingual publication is structured in four chapters: BAGHDAD, TBC, CHINA, and EQUATOR. These chapters are concepts extended from the contexts of three events that are re- or pre-enacted in an exhibition project that took place in Beirut, Sharjah and Gwangju.’- excerpt from book cover

China chapter in Volume II is realised in collaboration with Asia Art Archive.

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- Tarek Abou El Fetouh

The Time Is Out of Joint - The Duplications and Contradictions of a Temporal Universe



Mirrors of Dreams and Disappointment

- Faisal DARRAJ
First Aid, Second Growth, Third Degree, Fourth World, Fifth Amendment, Sixth Sense - Jalal TOUFIC
2007, 2009, 2015 - Oraib TOUKAN

Ambiguous Doublespeak: The Two Songs Sung Simultaneously by Jiang Shu in Chinese Discourse

- CHAN Koonchung, 陳冠中


Excerpts from 'The Hanging Garden of Sleep'

- Haytham EL-WARDANY

Maritime Topics on Stamps: The Great Bitter Lake Locals! - Ships on Stamps

New Grounds in the Mediterranean: Looking Back to the Technological Vision of Atlantropa

- Alexander GALL
Shores for Smaller People - Cevdet EREK
The Airport - John AKOMFRAH


Bodies in Alliance and the Politics of the Street

- Judith BUTLER

After the Revolutions: Inheriting Tragedy


That Constant Murmur

- Ahdaf SOUEIF
To the Future and Back - Maha MAAMOUN

The Interpolated Landscape Since the Dawn of the Twenty-first Century in the Korean Art Scene

- BECK Jeesook, 백지숙


Social Consequences

- Otobong NKANGA
Many Exertions: Eurasia, Deep Networks and Dynamism - Mi YOU
H for Hydrography / Hydraulics / Hydrology / Humidity - HO Tzu Nyen, 何子彥
Imaginary Lines, Real World - Enin SUPRIYANTO



Diary Entries of an Anonymous Arab Artist

Al-Wâsitî Festival - Interview with Mohamed Melehi

Al-Wâsitî - According to Maqamat Al-Hariri

Interview with Ismail Shammout

First Biennale of Arab Art in Baghdad

Manifesto by the Moroccan Association of Plastic Arts

UAA Art Activities and News

Returning Artistic Moments of Rupture

Fundamental Perspectives on Understanding Conceptual Art, Minjung Misul and Activism 

Notes on 'Conceptually Oriented Realism' - an Editor's Annotation

Do Bring Seub Back!

The Psychogeography of Ideology

The Rise and Fall of Minjung Art

Reenacting History

China/Avant-Garde Exhibition—Selected Documents and Texts: Introductory Preface

The Past is the Future

Zhou Yan in Conversation with Anthony Yung on the China/Avant-Garde Exhibition

A Display of Madness, Shenanigans, Art or...?: An Account of the Inaugural China/Avant-Garde Exhibition

Written Remarks on the Eve of the China/Avant-Garde Exhibition Opening

Avoid Going to Extremes

Pitiful ‘New Wave’

China/Avant-Garde: The Continuing Saga

The Reverberations of Gunshots: The Inaugural China/Avant-Garde Exhibition

The Two Gunshots Reverberate: New Wave Art’s Curtain Call

An Analysis of Gunshots Heard in a Museum Gallery

Avant-Garde Art and Cultural Reality: A Conversation about China/Avant-Garde

Global Citizenship

Principles of Earth Democracy

The Cultural Tide Turns: History as Critique

The Fold in Diasporic Intimacy and Cultural Hybridity

Three Statements on Audacity. After J. Posadas.

The Time Is Out of Joint: Volume I
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