Lau Pinghang was a veteran Hong Kong painter and teacher. He was born into a well-educated family and studied under famous masters including Pan Zhizhong, Zhang Guchu and Yao Suruo. From 1933-1937 he studied art at the Canton Municipal Arts Institute. Lau also played an active role in promoting art in Hong Kong. He co-founded the 'Hong Kong Chinese Art Club' with some artist friends in 1958. He moved to Taiwan in 1980s and became a newspaper art columnist. In 1996 he emigrated to the United States. Lau passed away in 2003.

Artist chronology as well as a selection of his poems are included. With preface by Christina Chu, Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

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Essays by Mr Lau Ping-hang

- LAU Pinghang, 劉秉衡

The Way of Landscape: Donation of Chinese Ink Painting by Mr. Lau Ping-hang
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The Way of Landscape: Donation of Chinese Ink Painting by Mr. Lau Ping-hang, 山水之道:劉秉衡水墨畫捐贈展