The present catalogue was published on the occasion of the centennial exhibition of works by Chang Dai-Chien. Chang Dai-Chien, the man and the artist, represented the interaction of the old and the new in modern China. His paintings, all in the traditional style, reveal the marks of virtually every age of Chinese painting and he was considered to be the greatest painter in China of the last five hundred years. The exhibition featured works produced during Chang's entire artistic career from 1926 to 1982, including his final masterpiece: "Panorama of Mt. Lushan", "Panoramic Handscroll of Mt. Huang", and "Ten Thousand Miles of the Yangtze River". The catalogue also includes an abbreviated chronology of Chang Dai-chien and selected bibliography.
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Chapter headings
The Eternal Search for the Peach Blossom Spring - Chang Dai-Chien and His Times
'Seven Parts Effort and Three Parts Talent' - Diligence and Genius Pay Off
From Christianity to Buddhism - Religious Context and Thought
Not Only Painting - Accomplishments in Calligraphy, Poetry, and Scholarship
Rebuilding the Past for the Future - The Ta-feng T'ang Collection of Art
Searching for Landscapes around the World - The Paths in Every Mountain Lead Back Home
The Art of Being - The Man and His Reputation
Courting Art Fans - Courtesy Paintings
Selecting and Shaping his Surroundings - Dwelling in Cities, Mountains, Gardens, and Final Rest
Immortality in Person and Art - A Selection of Chang Dai-chien Exhibitions Over the Years
An Aestheticism for Every Taste - Art Theory and Aesthetics
Images From and Beyond the Lens - Photography and Painting-from-Life
The Great Synthesis and Innovation Within Tradition - The Process of Copying, Imitating, and Transforming
Figure Paintings
Paintings of Plants and Animals
Landscape Paintings
The Periods in Chang Dai-chien's Art
The Art Historical Place and Period of Chang Dai-chien's Painting
The World of Chang Dai-Chien
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The World of Chang Dai-Chien, 張大千的世界