This publication was produced to document the activities that took place as part of the International Artists' Workshop 2001 organized by Theertha, an artists-led initiative in Sri Lanka. These included collaborations and site-specific works related to the theme of gender, as well as public video screenings and live performances. Includes an essay discussing important developments in contemporary Sri Lankan art.

"Theertha International workshop was conceived to create that atmosphere to explore and exchange ideas across borders - ethnic, religious and artistic, which are evoked in the meanings of 'theertha' in the context of contemporary critical art practices in Sri Lanka." - excerpt from introductory text by Anoli Perera

This material was collected by the Sri Lanka Archive of Contemporary Art, Architecture & Design, and donated to Asia Art Archive as part of the programme ‘Mobile Library: Sri Lanka’ in 2013.
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Breaking the Limits...Comentry on the Contemporary Sri Lankan Art Scene

- Godwin Roger CONSTANTINE

Workshop: 3-15 September
Theertha International Artists' Workshop 2001
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Theertha International Artists' Workshop 2001