'The exhibition Trans-Cool Tokyo: Contemporary Japanese Art from the MOT Collection brings together forty-five paintings, sculptures, performance pieces, photographs and video works by eighteen artists selected from over four-thousand pieces of art in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Presenting mostly the work of young Japanese artists, the exhibition was curated by MOT curator Yuko Hasegawa for a project jointly organized by the City of Tokyo and the Tokyo Historical Assets Society to promote the culture of Tokyo. For its 2010 – 2011 run, the show was scheduled to stop in Bangkok, Singapore, and Taipei, and represents the first, and a difficult to come by, cooperative venture by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

'The exhibition curator came up with the title Trans-Cool Tokyo based on Cool Japan, a slogan used to promote Japanese culture. The exhibition does not just introduce the coolness of Japan, however, on the contrary it far surpasses popular culture's coolness by presenting contemporary Japanese art from a critical perspective—including its future directions. Including the work of Yayoi Kusama and Yasumasa Morimura, 90s-legends Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara, and relative new-comers Masakatsu Takagi and Haruka Kojin, this exhibition tells the story of how Japanese artists established their own distinctive styles drawn from globalized culture in the latter half of the 90s. We anticipate the works in this exhibition, by virtue of their audacious creativity and undeniable impact, will leave an indelible impression on visitors regarding the many facets of contemporary Japanese art.' (from website of Taipei Fine Arts Museum)
Includes essays by Yuko Hasegawa and Hiroko Kato. With artist biographies and list of artworks.

《越酷東京──日本MOT當代精選》(Trans-Cool Tokyo: Contemporary Japanese Art from MOT Collection)展出東京都現代美術館4000件收藏中的18位當代藝術家45件作品,大部分是日本年輕藝術家的創作,包括繪畫、雕塑、表演、攝影及錄像作品。展覽由長谷川祐子女士策展,自2010-2011年間巡迴曼谷、新加坡、再至臺北。此次館際交流是北美館首度與東京都現代美術館的難得合作。

策展人提及「越酷東京」(Trans-Cool Tokyo)展覽名稱是從「酷日本」(Cool Japan)而來,這是個用來推廣日本文化軟體的概念,然而,本展不只是要介紹日本文化軟體的「酷」(尤其是普普文化),透過批判性視角展出的藝術作品,超越了純粹的「酷」,進一步展現出日本當代藝術未來的走向。從草間彌生(Yayoi Kusama)、森村泰昌(Yasumasa Morimura)到1990至2000年代的村上隆(Takashi Murakami)、奈良美智(Yoshitomo Nara),以及新生代的高木正勝(MasakatsuTakagi)與荒神明香(Haruka Kojin)等。此展覽敘述日本藝術家如何從1990年代後半期的全球流行文化中確立出自己的創意獨特性,期待讓觀眾領會日本當代藝術多層次的魅力,不僅大膽創新更對日本當代藝術留下了不可磨滅的影響力。

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Trans-Cool Tokyo: Contemporary Japanese Art from MOT Collection
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Trans-Cool Tokyo: Contemporary Japanese Art from MOT Collection, 越酷東京─日本MOT當代精選