Since the beginning of the 1990s, the artists of the East Asian performance-art movement have been working on new forms of expression of the body which they interpret in photographs, videos, documentary films, digital art and live performances. Haus der Kulturen der Welt and the Queens Museum of Art presents a selection of this new art with the exhibition Translated Acts, showcasing the Multimedia works of 27 artists and artist groups from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. This 114 page catalogue includes illustrations, general essays, short biographies and a short bibliography. Yu Yeon Kim on the origins of the exhibition Translated Acts "It seems to me that Western art history has failed terribly in the record of its relationship to non-European cultures and has a definite tendency to mistranslate, misinterpret and denigrate art that has come from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America...Overall, contemporary performance art in East Asia, whether as a form of political protest or an expression of social and spiritual anguish, has taken cultural practice far beyond the walls of museum and gallery and causes us to reassess the way we derive meaning from art, and in particular the way we evaluate non-European art."

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Translated Acts: Performance and Body Art from East Asia 1990-2001 - KIM Yuyeon, 김유연

Happening on the Street: Contemporary Chinese Performance Art - GAO Minglu, 高名潞

High Technology and Humor: The Recent History of Body-Related Expression in Japan - Fumio NANJO, 南條史生

A Brief Chronicle on Performing Arts During the Period of Ending Martial Laws and Its Aftermath in Taiwan - WANG Molin, 王墨林

Translated Acts: Performance and Body Art from East Asia 1990-2001
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Translated Acts: Performance and Body Art from East Asia 1990-2001

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