The present publication is Artibus Asiae Supplementum XXXVI.

Devoted to the modern Chinese art in the Drenowatz Collection in Zurich, the present volume brings together artworks by 28 painters who are group into 8 chapters according to the geographical areas and trends in the context of the artistic development in 20th Century China. Each of these artists is discussed individually with biographical materials and in connection with his artistic development as well as the entire modern movement. Bibliography and index are provided.
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Chapter headings
Introduction: New Elements of Chinese Painting in the Twentieth Century
II: Traditionalism in Peking
1.Chen Shaomei
2. Hsiao Sun
3. Ling Shuhua
III: Innovation in Shanghai
4. Wang Chen
5. I Tahan
IV:Modernisation in Canton
6. Chao Shaoang
7. Liang Tingming
V: The Masters of the Mid-Century
8. Huang Pinhung
9. Chi Paishih
10. Hsu Peihung
11. Chang Tachien
VI: The New Taiwan Tradition
12. Pu Hsinyu
13. Huang Chunpi
14. Chin Chinpo
VII: Toward a New Realism in China
15. Fu Paoshih
16. Li Kojan
17. Li Hsiungtsai
18. Tung Shouping
19. Cheng Shihfa
20. Huang Chou
VIII: A Turn to the West
21. Tseng Yuho
22. Lu Shoukun
23. Wang Chichien
24. Hung Hsien
25. Liu Kuosung
IX: Chinese Painting in Switzerland
26. Hsiung Pingming
27. Li Aiwei
28. Chiang Erhshih
Postscript: Traditional Chinese Literati Painting in the Modern World
Trends in Modern Chinese Painting (The C.A. Drenowatz Collection)
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Trends in Modern Chinese Painting (The C.A. Drenowatz Collection)