"In 1988, Goh Ed Choo, Chandrasekaran and Salleh Japar inaugurated Trimurti. It was a combination of exhibition/installation and performance art. Prior to this, the artists had embarked upon an intensive readin of history and texts from Asian philosophical and aesthetic traditions. The installation was shaped by their understanding, from multicultural/multi-religious viewpoint, of notions of creation, preservation and destruction as embodied in the Hindu conception of Trimurti. Although lacking in clarity and consistency in the presentation, in terms of engaging in interdisciplinary procedures and in wishing to secure a cultural basis for art making that was patently Asian and their own, Trimurti marks a significant accomplishment." - Extract
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Trimurti, 1988: Statements and Documentation - S. CHANDRASEKARAN, GOH Eechoo, Salleh JAPAR
Trimurti: Thoughts on Contexts - T.K. SABAPATHY
'Different Things': Trimurti and Multicultural Assertions - Ahmad MASHADI
Trimurti and Dimensions of Performance Art
Constance Sheares, In Conversations with: - S. CHANDRASEKARAN, GOH Eechoo, Salleh JAPAR
Trimurti And Ten Years After
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Trimurti And Ten Years After