'Unreal Estates of China, as an extension of our research on the "lean planning," proposes an alternative reading of contemporary China. This specific project originated a few years ago in the Pearl River Delta region, and followed the path of a small travelling particle named PIXEL. This fictional character becomes the medium through which spaces/places are explored. When PIXEL comes in contact with real spaces, it can morph and take on any possible visual angle, form or role, and finally roughly delineate the contours of a new topography. In the port, inside the factory walls, underneath the highway, through the newly urbanised farmland, PIXEL reflects the dramatic change of China's reality.' (Book Flap)

Presented by Map Office in 2007 Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, Unreal Estate of China documents modern China's landscape through video, animation books, texts, drawings and architectural thought. Map Office illustrates the project by 32 stories and 56 tableaux in this book. Essay with Chinese translation by Norman Ford is also included.

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古儒郎+林海華(Map Office - Gutierrez + Portefaix)在二00七年深圳.香港城市\建築雙城雙年展中展出的中國虛構地產,為一個集合錄像、動畫書、文本、圖畫及建築構想的展覧項目,紀錄當代中國在現代化過程中的地貌。本書以三十二個小故事和五十六個場面展述項目成果,並以傅德明(Normand Ford)的文章作結。文章附有中文譯本。

附有Map Office的簡介。
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32 Stories / 32個小故事 - MAP Office

PIXEL's Unreal State: On Mapping the Desires of Life in China / PIXEL(像素)的虛擬國度:圖繪中國大地上的生之欲 - Norman Jackson FORD, 傅德明

Unreal Estates of China
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Unreal Estates of China, 中國虛構地產

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