'Consisted of two creative processes (writing & video making), Video Essay takes the dialogue and re-interpretation between the two creative media as a basis for the transformation of experiences and observations of the city into art works. Each video artist is paired with a writer and a total of 10 groups are formed. Either the video artist or the writer finishes his/her work first which becomes the subject of the partner's re-writing/re-interpretation. Video Essay, with its theme about 'transformation/re-interpretation', explores the images and culture(s) of Hong Kong and exhibits the many different characteristics and faces of the local culture and a wide variety of city lives.'

The above is a summary of the project Video Essay. The writings together with two accompanying essays about the project are featured in the present catalogue, while the video works can be found in the DVD which is catalogued separately under the Audio-Visual media.

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Curatorial Concept of 'Video Essay' - Mathias WOO, 胡恩威
Cross-media Creativity - A Space of Discourse - Danny YUNG, 榮念曾
Video Essay: Works of a Cross-disciplinary Creative Project
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Video Essay: Works of a Cross-disciplinary Creative Project, 錄像文章:跨媒介創作計劃作品集

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