This video documents of a talk by Vito Acconci and Ai Weiwei, co-presented by Asia Art Archive and Para/Site Art Space at the Hong Kong Art Centre on 12 April 2010. Ai was part of a key movement of avant-garde artists who were active during contemporary art’s beginnings in China, while Acconci was at the forefront of early developments in video and performance art in the United States. Artistic labels cannot justify the scope of their experimentation; Acconci’s work has spanned performance, video and installation, and Ai’s career has veered into political activism, while both artists have made significant forays into the field of architecture. The talk was moderated by Para/Site Art Space Executive Director Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya and concludes with a Q+A session.

This talk precedes an exhibition featuring a collaborative project between Ai Weiwei and Acconci Studio, to be held at Para/Site Art Space in May 2010.

Video by AAA.

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Vito Acconci + Ai Weiwei: Artists in Conversation
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Vito Acconci + Ai Weiwei: Artists in Conversation

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Artists in Conversation
Ai Weiwei, Vito Acconci | Artists in Conversation

Ai Weiwei, Vito Acconci | Artists in Conversation

Mon, 12 Apr 2010