Voices of Photography is an independent publication dedicated to contemporary photography. Launched in September 2011 in Taiwan, VOP features contemporary photographers and artists, as well as interviews with artists, gallerists, curators, and publishers and other related professionals worldwide, to share and explore the creativity and philosophy of photography.

The Archive holds the following issues of VOP:

2012: Mar/Apr(Issue 4), 2012/2013(Issue 7)

2013: Mar/Apr(Issue 8), May/Jun(Issue 9, with SHOUT 01), Aug/Sept(Issue 10, with SHOUT 02, 2 copies)

2014: Jan/Feb(Issue 11, with SHOUT 03), May/Jun(Issue 12, with SHOUT 04), Sept/Oct(Issue 13, with SHOUT 05), Jul(The Chang Chao-tang Issue, Classic Edition, with a booklet)

2015: Jan/Feb(Issue 14, with SHOUT 06), Jun/Jul(Issue 15, with SHOUT 07), SHOUT 2015(Special Issue, 2 copies), Sept/Oct(Issue 16)

2016: Dec 2015/Jan 2016(Issue 17), Apr/May(Issue 18, with SHOUT 08), Aug/Sept(Issue 19, with SHOUT 09), SHOUT 2016(Special Issue)

2017: Mar(Issue 20); Jul(Issue 21); The Kao Chung-li Issue(Issue 22); SHOUT 2017 (Special Issue; closed stack; please ask staff for help)

2018: Issue 23; Issue 24 (with supplement Reminiscences of North Formosa)

2019: Issue 25; Issue 26

2020: Issue 27; Issue 28; Issue 29

2021: Issue 30

Note: The journal is published bimonthly.

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