This material was published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title. As mentioned in the foreword by the organizer, this exhibition brought together modern masterpieces and contemporary Japanese art as the core of the exhibition, and added tribal art of Papua New Guinea, and India, and children’s works. This exhibition intends to cultivate viewer’s appreciation of the subject matter and formal elements of the art works regardless of the genre and style is. It also aims to develop a stronger relationship between the museum and the community (or schools in the community.) Brief biography and list of works are available at the end.
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(Art and Museums: Rediscovery Trip)

- Makoto NAKAMURA, 中村誠

(Museum and Linguistic Service)

- Hisako OKOSHI, 大越久子

(Brief Guide to Creative Activities in Daily Life)
Waku Waku Doki Doki Summer Museum
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