The present monograph showcases Wang Yin's paintings created between 1990 and 2006. Pi Li wrote in his essay, 'Wang Yin's art practice is a case of unique value in Chinese contemporary art history. On one hand, he has personally experienced the dramatic changes in Chinese contemporary art since the 1990s; on the other hand, he has always been drifting away from the mainstream of contemporary art. At the beginning of the new century, the social structure for Chinese contemporary art has undergone significant transformation. The change of the structure has necessarily spurred the art language to evolve as well. It's under such circumstances that the case study of Wang Yin's art practice will reveal particular significance.' Artist biography is provided.

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How to 'Recapture' the experience of Painting?

- WANG Minan, 汪民安

The Subversion of Concepts with Imagery

- PI Li, 皮力

It's Right There - On Wang Yin's paintings of recent years

- WANG Jiaxin, 王家新

The 'Short Story Magazine'

- WANG Yin, 王音

Right There

- WANG Yin, 王音

Wang Yin
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Wang Yin, 王音