'This anthology compiles 16 essays on curating art in and of Asia. One of the themes is the politics of care, commonly understood as the basic role of curators, with regards to art and artists, across time and contexts. Another theme revolves around markers of success in the realm of contemporary curating. A third recurring theme deals with curating in the globalised art world of advanced travel and communication technologies. A fourth theme reconsiders the audience as active producers in an artistic and curated experience. Through a variety of perspectives and literary styles, these texts constitute primary notes towards 'curatorial criticism', a subfield of cultural criticism that identifies the new in curating today.' (back cover)
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To Curate is to Take Care of - YEUNG Yang, 楊陽

The Magician of Crosses - CAO Weijun, 曹維君

Uncured Lunatics: Sounds are Still Bleeding - Cédric MARIDET

Mutualism for the Future - Erin GLEESON

The Ethics of Wonder: Art and Natural History - LEE Wengchoy, 李永財

Why Do It (Chinese Edition)? (A Conversation Between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Hu Fang) Interviewed by Hu Yuanxing

The Extreme Situation is Beautiful (A Conversation with Hou Hanru) Interviewed by Carolee Thea

A Plea for Exhibitions - Jens HOFFMANN

Curating the 6th Asia Pacific Triennial (A Conversation with Rusell Storer) Interviewed by Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya

Fragments for a Future Present - Richard STREITMATTER-TRAN

What is New in Curating Today? - Magnus RENFREW

You are Not in China Anymore, Or, Handing Over and Over and Over - Norman Jackson FORD, 傅德明

Zero Gravity - Nothing Seems to Have Changed, But Everything is Different - YAP Teckcheng June, 葉德晶

Considering Audiences - Philip YENAWINE

Human Resources: A Documentary Project - Hector RODRIGUEZ, 羅海德

Some Thoughts on the Locus of Encounter - Valerie C. DORAN, 任卓華


Who Cares? 16 Essays on Curating in Asia
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Who Cares? 16 Essays on Curating in Asia

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