WORK is WORK_Issue 2 is a series of zines created and handmade by local volunteers, artists, advocates and activists together with migrant domestic workers from Philippines and Indonesia who are living and working in Hong Kong. This publication project collaborates with local migrant union Mission for Migrant Workers of St. John's Cathedral, started in 2015. Various organizations and individuals came together to produce a “zine” dedicated to the voices of these workers (who are also designated, officiously, as O.F.W. = oversea foreign workers), a “zine” that provides an outlet for the writings and artworks of over 70 individuals. Partially funded or supported by HERFund and The Mission for Migrant Workers of St. John’s Cathedral.
--excerpted and rephrased from LickZine#2

Packet includes:
Work is work_Issue 1, June 2015, Organized by HERFund and The Mission For Migrant Workers of St. John's Cathedral
Writing Cooking Sharing recipes and the stories behind:
 Evelyn and Densie Wong
Comics and Love:  Dove & Choki
Words and Personal Memories: Ehlnah and Bing
Drawing , Photos and Family: Lory Jean, Beatrix Pang, Dayoung
No Land No Life workshop: Vyan and Yantl, Mapopo community farm



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Work Is Work_2.0

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