'Over the past two years, artist Yang Shaobin and the Long March Team have continuously traveled to the coal mines in Tangshan, Hebei Province to work and live together with the local coal mine workers. The result of this collaboration is the project "800 Meters Under". Yang Shaobin was born and raised in the Kailuan coal-mining district. This exhibition will show paintings, installation, and video works documenting this enormous project. As a leading contemporary artist, the work of Yang Shaobin has continuously been directed at the living conditions of human kind, the continual changes in social space, and the conflicts involved with change – both through critique and synopsis. Life in the coal mines and the art of coal miners was once a symbol of collectivism. In today's globalized world, the dialectic between the style of art and its social nature, history and present, individual and collective, and space and time, will find expression in the exhibition "800 Meters Under".' - press release by Lu Jie.

Artist biography is provided in the present catalogue.

從2004年底至2006年9月的兩年零九個月期間,藝術家楊少斌與長征隊伍共同深入中國河北唐山的各大小煤礦體驗礦工生活,最終完成了與長征計劃的合作項目 —— 《縱深800米》。出生於60年代的藝術家楊少斌對煤礦生活具有很深刻的記憶,他自幼生長在唐山的開滦煤礦礦區,父母也來自煤礦,20歲的他從藝術學校畢業後,又回到礦山當過煤礦警察。展覽中收錄了這項大型創作計劃所涵蓋的一些繪畫、裝置和錄像作品。作為一位重要的當代藝術家,楊少斌的創作一直貫穿著對人類生存狀態的關切情懷,對社會格局在不斷更改、變替中出現的矛盾現象,以藝術家宏觀的社會道義責任進行判斷和轉述。煤礦生活及以礦工為題材的藝術曾幾何時象徵了集體主義。在日趨全球化的今天,藝術及其社會涵義、古與今、個人與集體、時與空之間的辯證邏輯在《縱深800米》展覽中獲得了充分的表現。(撮錄自盧杰撰寫的新聞稿)

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Curatorial Notes - China, Yang Shaobin, Our Generation, and Other Issues

- LU Jie, 盧杰

800 Meters Under

- JIANG Yuanlun, 蔣原倫

The Darkness of Hope

- WANG Minan, 汪民安

Yang Shaobin: 800 meters under
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Yang Shaobin: 800 Meters Under, 楊少斌: 縱深800米