"American art historian and Museum of Modern Art curator Laura Hoptman examines in her Survey the gradual transitions in the artist's work, from painting to performance, to installation, in the context of her international artistic contemporaries. Japanese poet and art critic Akira Tatehata discusses with the artist her own evolving relationship to her work and how it is received in Eastern and Western contexts. German-born art historian Udo Kultermann focusses on the artist's seminal installation work, Driving Image, (1959-64) which he exhibited in Essen, Germany, in 1966. The artist has selected tanka poems by Takuboku Ishikawa (1886-1912), a renowned Japanese poet who, like Kusama, combined the expression of personal suffering with great formal innovations in his work. Yayoi Kusama is known not only as an artist but also as a novelist, underground filmmaker and fashion designer." - Abstract, inside cover of book jacket. Also includes writings by the artist, chronology, bibliography and a list of illustrations.
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Akira Tatehata in conversation with Yayoi Kusama
Yayoi Kusama: A Reckoning - Laura HOPTMAN
Driving Image, Essen - Udo KULTERMANN
Poems from A Handful of Dust - Takuboku ISHIKAWA
Interview with Gordon Brown (extract) - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
An Open letter to My Hero, Richard M. Nixon - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Anatomic Explosion, Wall Street - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Homosexual Wedding - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Naked Self-obliteration: Interview with Jud Yalkut - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Take a Subway Ride from Jail to Paradise - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Why look Like Other People? - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Alice in Wonderland - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Grand Orgy to Awaken the Dead - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
The Struggle and Wanderings of My Soul (extracts) - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Manhattan Suicide Addict (extract) - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Violet Obsession - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
The Hustlers' Grotto of Christopher Street (extract) - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Across the Water: Interview with Damien Hirst (extract) - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生
Yayoi Kusama
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Yayoi Kusama

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