This book revisits key works by Hong Kong performance artist yuenjie MARU (born Yuen Kin Leung) from 1999 to 2009, accompanied by documentation photographs. His writings (in Chinese only) for the newspaper Sing Pao, published between August 2004 and May 2005, as well as essays on his work by local critics are included. With full chronology of past works/projects and the artist's biography.

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yuenjie MARU LIVE ART Ten Years Performances

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Chinese - Traditional, 


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artist monograph

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yuenjie MARU's Determination to Show - WANG Molin, 王墨林

Reference letter for yuenjie MARU - MOK Chiuyu, 莫昭如

TextCLive (Chinese Only) - yuenjie MARU / 丸仔, 袁堅樑

Heart Inside Door, Brain Inside Heart (Chinese Only) - yuenjie MARU / 丸仔, 袁堅樑

Viewing the Unlimited Landscape from the Periphery - yuenjie MARU, the Solo Musketeer of Art - LEONG Wailing Vivian, 梁慧玲

Ten Years, What's there to Celebrate? Some pointed questions to yuenjie MARU - LEUNG Po Shan Anthony, 梁寶山

yuenjie MARU, 10 Years - CHENG Waipang Damian / Tiny West (小西), 鄭威鵬

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yuenjieMARULIVEARTenYearsPerformances, 丸仔拉符呃拾年行為藝術

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