Catalogue of solo exhibition by Yum Joongho at One and J. Gallery in 2007. 'The world seen by Yum covers geographic areas from Korea to Europe. The distances are far and the areas vast, but the photographs themselves show few differences. Yum's photographs do not specially focus on the differences of spaces or cultural differences. They rather avoid the images that represent Europe or Korea. Unless special attention is given, his photographs seem not to indicate specific places. Korea looks like Europe and Europe looks like parts of Korea. Of course part of the reason for this is that there are formal consistencies or similarities. His photogrpahs seem to flee form the strict and full compositions and the almost unnecessary depiction of details often seen in recent large-scale photogrpahs.' -  extracted from essay by Kang Honggoo. Yum's biography is provided in this cataogue.
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Image, Veil and Bricolage: On the Work of Yum Joong-Ho - KANG Honggoo, 강홍구
Interview: Yum Joong Ho, Park Won Jae, Kang Hong Goo, Kim Yun Ho
Yum Joongho: Nouvelles Frontieres
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Yum Joongho: Nouvelles Frontieres

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