The Free Tribe: 10 Women Visual Artists in Hong Kong
Collection Spotlight

Archive Five | (In)Visibly Yours

Phoebe Wong selects five books on women artists in Hong Kong


Contemporary Asian Art at the Guggenheim

Three approaches to framing contemporary art outside a Eurocentric framework

Boris Groys Art Power (Detail)

Boris Groys in Conversation with Johnson Chang

On archives as “museums minus the aesthetic experience,” the return of God as a spectator, and the totalitarianism of music

Country Paper — Pakistan
Collection Spotlight

Item of the Week | Country Paper — Pakistan

A look at Salima Hashmi's writing on women artists in Pakistan


A Conversation Between Chen Kuan-hsing and Rasheed Araeen

On art, history, institutions, and decolonisation struggles


How To Change The World Without Really Trying: Reflections On Performance Art Today

Applying lessons from performance art to help us respond to present anxieties


Mapping Asia

Note from the Editors

Hsiung Shih Art Monthly
Research Notes

On Periodicals, Exhibition Materials, Personal Archives, and Approaching Issues from Multiple Angles

Peggy Wang discusses her process and the materials that inform her scholarship

Image: Covers of the periodical <i>Free World</i>.
Research Notes

Periodicals, American Interventions, and Art in Asia During the Cold War

On Ho Tzu Nyen's research in relation to items in the Ha Bik Chuen Archive

Ho Tzu Nyen The Name (Still)

Ho Tzu Nyen on The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia

The Singaporean artist discusses tigers, ghosts, algorithms, and life after celluloid film

HH Art Spaces

The Ground Beneath My Feet: In Conversation with Nikhil Chopra and Romain Loustau

Sabih Ahmed and HH Art Spaces discuss live art, the body, and approaching curating as artists

The Nameless
Research Notes

The Ground Underneath: On Ho Tzu Nyen's The Nameless

Võ Hồng Chương-Đài examines how Ho's video installation acts as a non sequitur to colonialist and nationalist historiographies


Nonny de la Peña in Conversation with Lin Yilin

The artists discuss virtual reality, art, performance, and empathy

Research Notes

Back to the Future: Contemporary Art and the Hong Kong Handover

What two Hong Kong exhibitions reveal about the handover, identity, and contemporary art

Collection Spotlight

Archive Five | Periodicals, Avant-Garde Movements, and Transnational Dialogue

Di Liu presents five periodicals that cultivate transnational dialogue and exchange in Asia and beyond

Geeta Kapur, Meera Mukherjee, and Gogi Saroj Pal at the Kasauli Art Centre Artist Workshop
Collection Spotlight

Item of the Week | Photograph of Geeta Kapur, Meera Mukherjee, and Gogi Saroj Pal

A look at an image taken at the Kasauli Art Centre Artist Workshop in 1978


Criticism and Asia

Lee Weng Choy on emerging discourses that stake as well as contest claims about what "Asia" might mean

Image: A hangout after Bruno Isaković’s performance “Denuded” on 19 November 2014, in front of Green Papaya Art Projects in Quezon City.
Research Notes

Green Papaya Art Projects: Why Artist-Run Spaces

Norberto Roldan's speech at Asia Society’s 2017 Arts & Museum Summit in Manila

It Begins with a Story Li Xianting
Research Notes

In Dialogue with Li Xianting

Five items to get you better acquainted with a featured speaker at AAA's symposium It Begins with a Story