Launch of ‘Cartographies’, a research project on the state of the archive and documentation of critical art dating from the 1950s in South America (2007-2009).
Coordinated by Ana Longoni and Miguel A López. Researchers: Fernando Davis (La Plata) and Ana Longoni (Buenos Aires), Taller Historia Crítica del Arte (Bogota), Cristina Freire (São Paulo), Miguel A López and Emilio Tarazona (Lima), Paulina Varas (Valparaiso), Fernanda Cartagena (Quito), and Lía Colombino (Asuncion). Supported in its first phase by the MACBA (2007) and in its second phase by SEACEX and the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid (2009).

23-25 October 2008

Second symposium and meeting of the Network of Researchers of Conceptualisms in Latin America at the Centro Cultural Parque de España (Rosario, Argentina).
Organised by Fernando Davis, Ana Longoni, and Soledad Novoa Donoso. Participants: Halim Badawi (Bogota), William López (Bogota), David Gutiérrez (Bogota), Maria Clara Cortés (Bogota), Helena Chávez (Mexico D.F.), Cristina Freire, Marcus Bettis (São Paulo), Suely Rolnik, Joaquín Barriendos (Barcelona), Cristián Gómez Moya (Santiago de Chile), María Fernanda Cartagena (Quito), Jaime Vindel (Madrid), Jesús Carrillo (Madrid), Assunta Bassas (Barcelona), Sylvia Suárez (Bogota), Soledad Novoa (Santiago de Chile), Paulina Varas, Octavio Mercado (Mexico D.F.), Clemente Padín, Juan Carlos Romero (Buenos Aires), Alejandra Perié (Cordoba, Argentina), Fernanda Fraenza (Cordoba, Argentina), Juan Pablo Pérez (Buenos Aires), Julia Rebouças (Minas Gerais), Emilio Tarazona, Miguel A López, Cristina Ribas (Rio de Janeiro), Ana Vidal (Bahia Blanca, Argentina), Graciela Carnevale. Conducted with the support of the Spanish Cultural Centres of Lima, Santiago de Chile, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires.

First experimental curatorial project by Southern Conceptualisms Network with the archive of the artist Graciela Carnevale: Archivo Graciela Carnevale: Inventario 1965-1975 at Rosario, Argentina, Centro Cultural Parque de España.
Curated by Graciela Carnevale, Fernando Davis, Ana Longoni, and Ana Wandzik.

29-31 January, 2009

Southern Conceptualisms Network participates in the 7th International Symposium of Theory of Contemporary Art ‘South, South, South, South...’

February 2009

Launch ‘Des-bordes’ online magazine: www.des-bordes.net.
Edited by Helena Chávez.

9-11 March, 2009

Two-day public seminar organised at the Reina Sofía Museum: ‘Reactivaciones Poéticas Políticas’ [Poetic Political Reactivations].
Contributions by William López, Suely Rolnik, Soledad Novoa, Joaquín Barriendos, Helena Chávez, Fernando Davis, Jaime Vindel, Miguel A López, and Ana Longoni.

The ‘Founding Manifesto of the Southern Conceptualisms Network’, a document detailing our general objectives, the Network’s internal organisation and our specific work mechanisms, is made public.

April 2009

First assessment of the archive of the Uruguayan artist Clemente Padín concluded. Initiation of the project of converting his archive into a public centre of documentation in Montevideo city.

In collaboration with the Universidad de la República and the support of the Reina Sofía Museum. Project led by Fernando Davis, Cristina Freire, and Clemente Padín.

June 2009

Launch of the anonymous call for collective action: TODOS SOMOS NEGROS project [We are all black].

23-25 July 2009

Third public meeting and seminar: ‘Memorias y Archivos: categorías modernizadoras, repercusiones y disidencias posibles en los 'Conceptualismos del Sur' [Memories and Archives: Modernising categories, possible impact and dissent in the ‘Southern Conceptualisms’].
Organised by Soledad Novoa, Paulina Varas, and Cristián Gómez Moya in Santiago de Chile. With the support of ACERCA and the Spanish Cultural Centre of Santiago de Chile.

October 2009

Online dissemination of the public statement ‘State of Alert’ regarding the state of archives in Latin America, after the fire that destroyed part of the archive of the Brazilian artist Helio Oiticica in Rio de Janeiro.

Publication of the Network’s first book: Conceitualismos do Sul/Sur [Conceptualisms from the South].
Edited by Cristina Freire and Ana Longoni (Annablume, São Paulo, MAC-USP, CCE). Contributions by: Cristina Freire, Felipe Ehrenberg, Clemente Padín, Graciela Carnevale, Paulo Bruscky, Antoni Mercader, Ana Longoni, Emilio Tarazona and Miguel A López, Soledad Novoa, Fernando Davis, and Suely Rolnik. Translated by Fernanda Nogueira.

January 2010

Southern Conceptualisms Networks contributes to the dossier ‘Counter- geographies of conceptual art’ of Artecontexto art journal (#24).
Guest-edited by Miguel A López. Contributions by: Joaquín Barriendos and María Fernanda Cartagena, Fernando Davis, Fernanda Nogueira, Miguel A López, and the Colombian research group: Taller Historia Crítica de Arte (David Gutiérrez Castañeda, María Clara Cortés, Sylvia Suárez, William López, Luisa Fernanda Ordóñez, and Halim Badawi).

May 2010

Six research projects initiated:

‘Archives/Museums/Modernities,’ coordinated by Joaquín Barriendos, Cristián Gómez Moya and Isobel Whitelegg.

‘Alternatives Art Networks,’ focused on the archives of Clemente Padín, Felipe Ehrenberg, Graciela Gutiérrez Marx, Guillermo Deisler and the Poema/Processo Archive (Neide de Sá).

‘Critical Writings,’ focused on the writings of Roberto Jacoby, Walter Zanini, and Juan Acha.

‘Artistic Activism and Commitment in the Aesthetics of Colombia: the Work of Taller 4 Rojo and the Political Alternatives of the Visual Arts in the 1970’s,’ by Taller Historia Crítica de Arte.

‘Creative Strategies in Argentina’s Human Right Movements,’ by researchers Fernanda Carvajal, Marcelo Expósito, Cora Gamarnik, Ana Longoni, and Jaime Vindel.

‘Archives in Tension,’ an exhibition organised and curated by Soledad Novoa and Graciela Carnevale. Developed with the support of SEACEX.

November 2010

Public seminar and workshops: ‘Disruptive Memories. Tactics for entering and leaving the Bicentennial of Latin America and the Caribbean.’
Organised by Southern Conceptualisms Network and the Reina Sofía Museum. Contributions by Pedro Lasch (Mexico), Miguel Rojas Sotelo (Bogota), Giuseppe Campuzano (Lima), André Mesquita (São Paulo), Paulina Varas, Valeria Coronel (Quito), Eduardo Gruner (Buenos Aires), Joaquín Barriendos, María Iñigo Clavo (London), Leandro Cardoso (São Paulo), Miguel A López, Juan Carlos Romero, Jorge Luis Marzo (Barcelona), Alexander Apóstol (Madrid), Carlos Jiménez (Madrid), Joan Vila-Puig, and Elvira Pujol (Barcelona), Cristián Gómez Moya.

February 2011

Exhibition and presentation of the first ‘in use archive’ with materials, documents, images, and songs by Roberto Jacoby: ‘Roberto Jacoby: El deseo nace del derrumbe’ [Desire rises from collapse] at the Reina Sofía Museum.
Curated by Ana Longoni.

Publication of the first volume of the ‘Critical Writing’ series: El deseo nace del derrumbe. Roberto Jacoby: acciones, conceptos, escritos [Desire rises from collapse. Roberto Jacoby: actions, concepts and writings]
Edited by Ana Longoni (Ediciones Adriana Hidalgo, La Central, MNCARS and Red Conceptualismos del Sur, 2011).

July 2011

Exhibition: ‘Archives in Tension’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art ‘Parque Forestal,’ Santiago de Chile. The exhibition is a reflection on the period 1968 – 1974, in Chile, assembled from the archive of Carnevale.
Organised by Chilean curator Soledad Novoa and Argentinean artist Graciela Carnevale. Supported by SEACEX.





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