3SUMS | what's your refuge?

Oscar Chan
Lau Hiu Tung
Eunice Tsang

Oscar Chan, Lau Hiu Tung, and Eunice Tsang talk about their places of refuge in Hong Kong. Illustrations by Kaitlin Chan.


3SUMS is an illustrated interview series that explores our affective x material x libidinal attachments, with each piece featuring three people responding to a single prompt. For this iteration of 3SUMS, we asked:

"Where do you go for refuge? What's a place that makes you feel safe and connected?"











Oscar Chan Yik Long is an artist living and working in Helsinki. He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2011. His practice explores the conditions of life, how individuals associate themselves with others, and fear, mythologies, and popular visual culture. He works with media such as painting and drawing, frequently as part of site-specific installations. His solo exhibitions include Don’t Leave the Dark Alone (Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong, 2021), Soliquid (Things That Can Happen, Hong Kong, 2017) and The Devil, Probably (Observation Society, Guangzhou, 2015).

Lau Hiu Tung is an artist living and working in London and Hong Kong. She received her MA in painting from The Royal College of Art, London, and a BFA in painting from The School of Visual Arts, New York. She has shown works in the UK, Ukraine, China, and Denmark. Her recent solo exhibitions include I am in training, don’t kiss me, (Flowers Gallery, Hong Kong, 2022), A cow’s head and a horse’s jaw (Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong, 2021) and Don’t forget to look at the moon (Alice Folker Gallery, Denmark, 2020).

Eunice Tsang runs Current Plans, an off-space in Sham Shui Po. Current Plans is dedicated to the development of contemporary art projects and aims to support creative experiments that cross disciplines, stimulate knowledge exchange, and encourage playful connections that push boundaries. She also publishes artist books under her small press Sulla Fuffa.

Kaitlin Chan is a cartoonist and cultural worker in Hong Kong.



CHAN Yik Long Oscar, 陳翊朗

LAU Hiu Tung, 劉曉彤

Eunice TSANG, 曾智愛怡


Kaitlin CHAN

Fri, 23 Sep 2022

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An illustrated interview series that explores our affective x material x libidinal drives