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Asia Art Archive is an independent non-profit organisation based in Hong Kong dedicated to making accessible the multiple histories of contemporary art in Asia.

Its online publication, IDEAS Journal, is currently accepting submissions.

IDEAS publishes essays, conversations, and also more visually driven notes, with a rigorous yet accessible style for people who like writing with clear stakes. We’re partial to strong propositions and counterintuitive analyses over merely descriptive commentary—new ways of thinking, rather than simply new things to think about.

Our ideal writers take risks in their work, yet also care about clarifying the urgencies for readers—why this topic matters to them, and so why it should matter to others too. Writers who understand that different aesthetic or formal choices reflect different theoretical positions.

Asia Art Archive’s current research interests, broadly construed in relation to contemporary art in Asia, include the following:

Art Writing, Complex Geographies, Innovation Through Tradition, Pedagogy, Exhibition Histories, Performance Art, and Women in Art History

For a sense of the range of topics and voices IDEAS has published, from the personal and auto-theoretical to the academic and heavily footnoted, from established scholars to previously unpublished art writers, here are some examples:

The Semi-Autonomous Zine: Charting Margins and Peripheries in Independent Publishing by Display Distribute

Undefeated Mutual Attachment by Lauren Berlant

The International Student as a Term of Art by David Xu Borgonjon

On Stalling and Turning by Susan Stryker

Yellow Skin, White Gold by Anne Anlin Cheng

From Within the Fog by Trisha Low

Earth Drives Earth Along by Nilima Sheikh



If you have something you’d like to explore in relation to any of these interests, feel free to email the Editorial team at with an outline or proposal, along with a brief statement that answers the question: “Why this, why you, why now?”

We accept pitches all year round in English and Chinese, and prefer pitches over full drafts. IDEAS pieces typically range from 1,000 to 4,000 words (we do not publish theses or dissertations). We also welcome new, emerging writers—you do not have to be an established art writer to pitch to us. Note that we are a small team and will try our best to respond, but may not always be able to reply. If you do not hear from us within three months, please assume that we will not be able to move forward with your pitch.

All contributors will be paid for their work.



Paul C. Fermin, Koel Chu, Andrea Chu

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