Artists inspire us, but what inspires artists?

Asia Art Archive (AAA) invited artists from around the world to choose a book that inspired their artistic practice and share personal stories related to their selection, thereby providing singular perspectives on these foundational texts—whether novels, poetry, or classics from sci-fi, psychology, history, philosophy, and other disciplines. ‘Under the Influence: A Travelling Library of Books that Inspire Artists’ features one hundred titles, from across multiple genres, chosen by these artists.

AAA is now calling for applications from Hong Kong secondary schools to host this exhibition on campuses. Students will learn from artists’ reading and creation journeys, expand their cultural exposure and scope of reading, and build their capacity for knowledge transfer and integration.

Application Method:
Please return the completed application form, together with all reference materials to, indicating ‘Application for "Under the Influence" Travelling Library’ in the subject line.

Application Deadline: Fri, 14 Apr 2017

Teacher Workshop: Artistic Practice and Knowledge Transfer
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2017
Time: 11–12:30pm
Venue: Booth P7, Bookstores and Institutions Area on Level 1 Concourse, Art Basel, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Free admission for this exhibition area)
Speaker: Kurt Chan Yuk Keung (AAA Educator-in-Residence)

How do artists seek knowledge, expand their perspectives, and engage with the contemporary world? To answer this question, AAA Educator-in-Residence Kurt Chan examines books the artists chose for ‘Under the Influence’ alongside their work. He reveals how they draw from books across multiple disciplines to inspire and enrich their art making.

Schools interested in applying for the travelling library are encouraged to register for this teacher workshop.

Contact number: 2844 1121 (Joey Chung)

Learning and Participation Programme Sponsor:

'Under the Influence' is supported by Art Basel in Hong Kong, Wendy Lee & Stephen Li, Elaine & Anto Marden, and Dee Poon.

Design Partner: Open UU

Special thanks to all participating artists.

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Under the Influence: Books that Inspire Artists

Under the Influence: Books that Inspire Artists

Tue, 21–Sat, 25 Mar 2017