Part of AAA's 3-Part Program on Pakistan's Contemporary Miniature Painting for October Contemporary and the AAA South Asia Talk Series. Pakistan’s contemporary miniature painting movement has gained worldwide recognition and interest in recent years, with exhibitions in museums, galleries, fairs and international biennials and triennials.

17 Oct 2007, 6.30-8pm

Artist talk

Aisha Khalid and Imran Qureshi are amongst a group of artists working in the style of Pakistani contemporary miniature painting, reviving the elegant and jewel-like pre-colonial technique and bringing it to a contemporary context.

The talk will be led by Prof. Salima Hashmi.


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20 & 21 Oct 2007, 10.30am-1.30pm



Experimental Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre 


Day 1

Introduction to the traditional technique of miniature painting; wasli making; tea staining. 

Day 2

Introduction to the 'Siyyah Qalam' technique; line practice; slide presentation.

Target audience

Age 15 and above



* The program coincides with Portraits and Vortexes, an exhibition presenting works by Khalid and Qureshi in the Experimental Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre, from 20 Oct - 12 Nov 2007, organised by Gandhara-Art. The exhibition opening will take place from 4-8pm on 19 Oct 2007. 

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Talk: Aisha Khalid and Imran Qureshi
Talk: Aisha Khalid and Imran Qureshi

Talk: Aisha Khalid and Imran Qureshi


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