Talk by AAA Researcher Anthony Yung for Teaching Labs.

How does art reflect and respond to social transformation? The 1980s was an important period in the establishment of today’s China, where changing ideologies led to shifts in social and cultural values and expressions. Through the lens of art, we see crucial issues that transform society and perspectives, while coming to a better understanding of current conditions and future possibilities for China.

China 1980s—New Art of China in the Age of Modernisation and Social Transformation: Part 1
China 1980s—New Art of China in the Age of Modernisation and Social Transformation: Part 2
China 1980s—New Art of China in the Age of Modernisation and Social Transformation: AAA Teaching Community

Time: 10am–12:30pm (Talk); 12:30pm–1:30pm (AAA Teaching Community)
Venue: Jockey Club Ti-I College, 5-7 Lok King Street, Fotan, Shatin, Hong Kong (5 mins walk from Fotan MTR station Exit A)
Teacher Facilitators: Peggy Kwan (Visual Arts Teacher, Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School, Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence Awardee), Au Siu Wai (Visual Arts Teacher, Buddhist Sin Tak College), Hon Hin Shan (Visual Arts Teacher, Yan Chai Hospital No. 2 Secondary School), Lam Mau (Visual Arts Teacher, Munsang College)

In order to bring together an energetic, engaging, and diversified peer-support group, the Teaching Labs programme is looking for teachers who are passionate and interested in learning about cultural ecology, visual arts, and history, and who are ready to be involved in engaging and participatory discussions. No prior knowledge of art is required.

To register, please fill out this registration form and email it by 24 March 2015 to or fax it to +852 2815 0032.

AAA will arrange child care by University art students for teachers with children 3+ years old during the programme. If interested, please state your child(ren)’s age in the registration

Anthony Yung specialises in China-related research projects. He managed AAA’s major research project ‘Materials of the Future: Documenting Contemporary Chinese Art from 1980-1990’, which produced 100 interviews with artists, critics, scholars, and other participants, collecting a large amount of research materials about Chinese contemporary art from the late 1970s to early 1990s.

2015 Teaching Labs sessions are presented in collaboration with the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence Teacher's Association.

Special thanks to venue sponsor: Jockey Club Ti-I College

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