Artist Sharing by Tang Kwok Hin
"Creative Exercise During the Pandemic" by Peggy Kwan
AAA Resources Sharing by Samantha Kwok

In response to dramatic changes in the back-to-school experience, AAA is organising an online workshop to discuss creative ways of teaching art during the pandemic. This workshop is part of the Teaching Labs series, AAA’s teacher professional development programme.

Teachers have been facing challenges in online teaching since the beginning of this year. Classroom management, ways to engage students, and even the usual ice-breaking activities to start a new school year all have to adapt to the circumstances of a virtual classroom. Visual arts teachers struggle with even more obstacles, as they normally rely on hands-on activities and in-person guidance in class.

Using AAA’s Artist Exercises: Learning at Home series as a starting point, this workshop offers creative ideas for teachers to address these issues. Artist Tang Kwok Hin shares his artistic practices and the concept behind the creative exercise he designed, which explores one’s home as a source of inspiration for art-making. Visual arts teacher Peggy Kwan discusses how she integrated ideas from Artist Exercises into her lessons, and encouraged students to make use of art to channel their emotions. The sharing will be followed by a group discussion around challenges and solutions for teaching art online, and a presentation by AAA staff on strategies to engage learners in different education settings. 

This workshop is designed for secondary school teachers. A certificate will be given to participants upon request as proof of Teacher Continuing Professional Development.


  • Tang Kwok Hin, Artist
  • Peggy Kwan, Panel Head of Visual Arts Department, Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School
  • Susanna Chung, Programmes Manager and Head of Learning and Participation, Asia Art Archive
  • Samantha Kwok, Learning & Participation Coordinator, Asia Art Archive
Image: Tang Kwok Hin, <i>Every Pandiculate</i>, 2018. Courtesy of the artist.
Image: Tang Kwok Hin, Every Pandiculate, 2018. Courtesy of the artist.
Image: Inspired by the <i>Artist Exercise</i>
Image: Inspired by the Artist Exercise "Experiments with Zines," Peggy Kwan guided students to create zines. Courtesy of Peggy Kwan.

Tang Kwok Hin is a mixed-media artist in Hong Kong. He obtained his Master of Fine Art degree at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His work originates from his inquiries into his indigenous background, in which he explores the meaning of existence and the intimate aesthetics that are closely related to his life journey and experiences. He was awarded the first prize at Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial in 2009, and was a grantee of Asian Cultural Council in 2013.

Peggy Kwan was awarded the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence of Art Education Key Learning Area during the years 2011–12 and 2016–17. She is an experienced arts teacher with over thirty years of experience. She is currently a teacher and the panel head of the Visual Arts Department at Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School.


The AAA Learning and Participation Programme is supported by the S. H. Ho Foundation Limited and C. K. and Kay Ho Foundation.

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