In light of major museum projects in Hong Kong and around the region, for ART HK 09, AAA continues to consider issues first raised at last year’s conference around the museum, this year, taking as our point of departure themes or areas of interest that are prevalent in contemporary art practice today.

2– 4pm | Art + Design

Art + Design

In recent years, the region has seen an increasing number of exhibitions that explore the crossover of art and design, from MOT’s 'Space for your Future', the Chanel Mobile Art project to the 6th Shanghai Biennial 'HyperDesign'. As Hong Kong embarks on building M+, a major museum with a mission to focus on visual culture, questions as to how to approach the interdisciplinary are raised. For this discussion we look at the ways in which the bridging of art and design are manifesting themselves; whether we need a new vocabulary for an expanding discourse; and how museum strategies are revisited to include these recent developments. At the same time, we question the presumed distinction between art, craft and design in a region where the boundaries have not historically been so clear cut.

Ron ARAD, Founder, Ron Arad Studio
Defne AYAS, Co-Director of programme, Arthub
LIM Geun-jun, Art and Design critic
Michael LIN, Artist
SIU King-chung, Assistant Professor, School of Design, HK Polytechnic University

Moderated by Charles MEREWETHER, Director 2006 Sydney Biennale