Just meters from the bright lights of ART HK 09’s exhibition hall, AAA presents a series of programmes with some of the leading experts and practitioners in the field. Backroom Conversations includes panel discussions and screenings that touch on a number of prevalent issues and offer a first-hand look into the contemporary art world today.

Participation, Collaboration & The Everyday

Artists and curators internationally have been working around these themes for decades. And in many regions of the world, where there isn’t a museum going public nor infrastructure, where the white cube is not definitive, participation, collaboration and the everyday are key in thinking about contemporary art practice and its’ public. At the same time, by bringing these projects and activities in to a more formal museum structure, the very nature of the museum is transformed. AAA invites artists and experts to discuss these issues both as alternative and in relation to the museum.

LEUNG Mee Ping, Artist
Daravuth LY, Co-Director, Reyum
Frances MORRIS, Head of Collections, International Art, Tate Modern
Hammad NASAR, Founder, Green Cardamom
Rirkrit TIRAVANIJA, Artist

Moderated by Vasif KORTUN, Director, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center & Curator, Taipei Biennale 2008