‘Looking back at the first half of my life, I always feel an immense gratitude to a number of masters such as Luis Chan, Chen Shou Soo, Yang Shan Shen, Guan Shanyue, and Pan He whom I met in my artistic career. I learned from them not only their exquisite skills and techniques, but more importantly, their faith and persistence in art and even in life…’


In this talk, Cheung will talk about a number of important artists through their works, photographs, and writings. She will also review her recent interviews with local artists of different generations, which reflect on societal changes through discussions about these artists’ identities. Lastly, Cheung will share stories about people who have contributed to the field of art education in Hong Kong.


About the speaker

Born in Macau, Cheung Nga Yin, Lucia settled in Hong Kong at an early age. In the 60s, she joined ‘The Hong Kong Art Club’. In the 70s, she studied drawing and oil painting under Professor Chen Shou Soo and language and fine art in Italy. Since 1979, she has studied Chinese painting under the Lingnan School Master Yang Shan Shen. Cheung has held 15 solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous important group exhibitions. From 2005-2008, Cheung served as a member of the Advisory Board for Visual Studies of Lingnan University.

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