Call for Visual Arts Teachers

In response to the difficulty teachers face in teaching contemporary art in the classroom—from a lack of resource material to inexperience with the subject matter, AAA presents Teaching Labs—three-day professional development workshops—in which secondary school teachers will learn about contemporary Hong Kong art and will work with facilitators to design appropriate curricula and teaching resources. Curator and educator Oscar Ho, art historian Eliza Lai, artist Leung Mee-ping and AAA’s Researcher for Hong Kong Michelle Wong will facilitate workshop. To further support the efforts of participating teachers, AAA builds partnerships with the schools that participating teachers are associated with and invites teachers and students to use AAA as an alternative classroom. 


In order to facilitate an energetic, engaging, and diversified peer-support group, the programme is looking for secondary visual arts teachers who are passionate about visual arts and learning and ready to be involved in an engaging and participatory workshop. No prior knowledge of art history is required. Preparation work may be assigned prior to workshops.

Due to limited capacity, only applicants who can participate in all sessions will be considered. A certificate will be given to participants with full attendance. To apply, please fill out this application form and email it to or fax it to (+852) 2815 0032 before 5 June 2012. Successful applicants will be contacted individually before 15 June 2012.


Teaching Labs Schedule

Saturday 30 June | 10am—5pm


Oscar Ho, Curator and Educator

Morning session

Components of a culture: studying Hong Kong

This workshop studies the various social, cultural, and historical dynamics that give shape to a distinctive culture, using Hong Kong as a focal point of study. Adopting a general approach, it explores some of the most outstanding cultural characteristics: the East and West, North and South and the Left and Right, the comprador and the refugee cultures. The discussion will further enhance an understanding of the basic cultural background of Hong Kong that is still strongly affecting us.

Afternoon session

Understanding forms

Formal analysis is the basic and most commonly used approach to the appreciation and analysis of art. Using works by Hong Kong artists, the workshop analyses the use of formal elements such as colour, shape, and space, and looks into the inter-dynamics of composition, tension, and movement to study how artists communicate their creative content.


Saturday 7 July | 10am—12:30pm

AAA Open Weekend

Teacher’s Toolkit | Brunch

AAA invites secondary school visual arts teachers to view AAA as an alternative classroom with accessible programmes and learning resources derived from its collection. AAA’s Researcher for Hong Kong, Michelle Wong, will share her research experience, using the case of AAA’s recent Oil Street artist village project.

Research – Creative Disorder?

Imagine the journey a piece of documentary material makes before finally appearing on the shelves of the Archive. How does an AAA researcher select materials and devise a research methodology for each case study, unique and specific to its historical and cultural context? Is research a rational act or a creative disorder? This workshop probes the above questions and more, also using as an example AAA’s recent project on Oil Street artist village.

Saturday 14 July | 10am—5pm


Leung Mee-ping, Artist

Hong Kong Cultural Ecology: Contemporary Art Forms

This workshop will examine contemporary art forms and cultural developments in Hong Kong. Hong Kong artists work in a variety of media, from two- to three-dimensional space, from installation to performance, from traditional exhibitions to the guerrilla possession of urban space. Through the observation of this diversity of artforms, this workshop will examine the identity and space of Hong Kong's visual culture.


Wednesday 18 July | 10am—5pm


Eliza Lai, Art Historian

Understanding Contemporary Art

This session offers participants a general introduction to the term ‘contemporary art’ and its divergence in meaning from that of ‘modern art.’ It will draw examples from the recent works of a few artists active in the Hong Kong art scene to illustrate major ideas surrounding the word ‘contemporary.’ The discussion will also allow participants a glimpse into the socio-political context of Hong Kong in relation to its accompanying changes in art making over the last two decades.

For more information, please contact:
Susanna Chung, Head of Learning and Participation
Tel: +852 2815 1112

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