AAA invites artist Cédric Maridet to talk about his exploration of the Archive’s soundscape in his talk 'TXT.SND.09 : selected readings by Cédric Maridet' as part of his residency programme.

As AAA’s local artist-in-residence in 2009, the Hong Kong-based French sound artist, Cédric Maridet, proposes an alternative ‘reading’ of the Archive with his in-situ sound installations. 

In his talk, Maridet will present the first phase of research from his residency, in which documents from the Archive, reflecting the various aspects of sound, are surveyed. These texts will be then turned into audio texts exploring the different voices of the Archive. Upon the completion of the three-month-long residency, a selection of these sound texts, along with recordings from AAA’s physical environment will form an on-site installation at the Archive, re-directing visitors’ research habits, thereby, inviting an alternative exploration of the Archive through sound. A presentation-cum-performance by Maridet at AAA is scheduled for 29th January 2010.

About Cédric Maridet
Cédric Maridet has been living in Hong Kong since 1999. He received his PhD in media art at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2009. His research aims at clarifying fundamentals in the heterogeneity of listening intentions in order to frame essential connections for sound art in a holistic, perceptual and theoretical approach. He has participated in exhibitions and performances locally and internationally. In 2005, Maridet was awarded Prize of Excellence in the Hong Kong Art Biennial for his video work Huangpu.

This programme is part of DETOUR 2009, organised by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design from 26 November to 9 December.

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Artist-in-Residence | Cédric Maridet
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Artist-in-Residence | Cédric Maridet

Oct–Dec 2009

Archival Records: A Sound Installation by Cédric Maridet

Archival Records: A Sound Installation by Cédric Maridet

Fri, 12 Feb - Tue, 11 May 2010