Li Zuming, X; Yang Hui, Silent Tribute; Hu Yuelong, Curve; Song Haidong, Deconstruction; Weng Liping, Untitled; Fu Yuehui, Red; Wang Guqing, Well, Let's Drink; Zhao Chuan, Write At Will; Jia Yuxiang, Flow; Qin Yifeng, The Heart is Beating; Tang Guangming, Ritual; Yang Xu and Zhou Tiehai, The Sense of Violence; Gong Jianqing, The Spectator; Shen Fan (work title unknown); and Yang Dongbai, Dream of Night

作品順序:李祖明《X》;楊暉《默哀》; 胡曰龍《曲線》;宋海冬《摧毀》;翁立平《無題》;付躍慧《紅》; 汪谷青《得了,让我们喝吧》;趙川《随意书写》; 賈宇翔《流动》;秦一峰《心臟在跳動》;湯光明《仪式》;楊旭與周鐵海 《暴力感》;龔建慶《旁觀者》;申凡作品(標題未知);楊冬白《夜之梦》。

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M Conceptual Art Performance Exhibition, M觀念藝術表演展