'The video documented one of Zuni Icosahedron's performances in the late 1980s, signalling a milestone era when the artist began to experiment with screen-based media in combination with the stage, dance and installation arts. This video features electronic wipe in parallel with a black stage curtain where human figures on the backstage constantly reappear between the wipe and the edges of an electronic frame. These repeated frames, accompanied by an electronic guitar and percussion arrangement, multiply the image of a female performer who constantly falls down until she finally disappears in between the frames.

Produced entirely on domestic equipment—a video 8 camera, a 14" monitor and a Betamax VCR, Drained II not only emphasises unresolved tensions through the audio component, it also comments on the materialisation of the electronic medium, as well as the sensory experiences that reflect the urban rhythms of city life as it is lived and understood by its inhabitants.'

Source: Ellen Pau: What about Home Affairs? A Retrospective, p.17



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