An installation created by Lau Gukzik and Ellen Pau for the exhibition 'Talkover/Handover', held at 1a Space from 1 Jul 2007 to 29 Jul 2007.

'The installation work is a 30 days review of personal or autobiographic account of the 10 years from 1997 to 2007. At the start, it is a dialogue between Lau Gukzik and Ellen Pau, revisiting philosophy and strategies, forming correlation and causation, making and unmaking art as myth and archival as realities. Emotionally speaking, the partners wind and unwind traumatic personal experiences from one surgical operation on 4th June and the death of a loved one. On the last day of June, Under the Influence is the presentation of two artists that have lived, and loved through 97 and beyond. The installation is made up of collections of art pieces produced or reviewed from 1997 to 2007.' —taken from the exhibition catalogue


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