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This photograph captures Nilima Sheikh (L) and Geeta Kapur (R) standing before Hinnerk Scharder's site-specific artwork being installed at Kasauli Art Centre during the Indo-German Artists Workshop.

The Indo-German Artists Workshop was held for three weeks in the month of September in 1983. Participants included German artists Peter Nagel, Inge Mann, Johannes Brus, Arwed Gorella, Peter Tuma, Ulli Weiss, Hinnerk Scharder. Participating artists from India were Nalini Malani, Jogen Chaudhury, D.L.N. Reddy, Sudhir Patwardhan, Manu Parekh, Nilima Sheikh and Vivan Sundaram. Art critic Geeta Kapur and filmmaker Navina Sundaram were also present during the time, the latter of whom had made a documentary film on the same workshop. 

Kasauli Art Centre was founded in 1976 by artist Vivan Sundaram in Kasauli, a hill station in North India. The Centre is known to have organised artists camps, international artist residency programmes, seminars and theatre workshops, all designed to explore common grounds between artists, film-makers, critics, architects, playwrights and performers.

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Tent/Home (Exhibition view)