This photograph captures an artwork by K.P. Krishnakumar during his stay in Kasauli Art Centre between September and October 1985.

'The Thief - in Krishnakumar's first major show - became a seminal work: a style of modelling that recurred in Young Man Listening and The Boatman, which at its most extraordinary amalgamates a socialist public art intent with the 'personal' of both class and place. The highly conscious representational nature of both figure and gesture equally consciously chooses to be out of step with any 'contemporary' context other than the reality Krishnakumar comes from and which gives him his authority to speak: words like 'heroic' and 'revolutionary' rest easily with an arguably devant-garde interest in Rodin and Picasso.' - Ashish Rajadhyaksha, in Contemporary Art in Baroda, ed. Gulammohammed Sheikh, Tulika, New Delhi, 1997

Kasauli Art Centre was founded in 1976 by artist Vivan Sundaram in Kasauli, a hillstation in North India. The Centre is known to have organized artists camps, international artist residency programmes, seminars and theater workshops, all designed to explore common grounds between artists, film-makers, critics, architects, playwrights and performers.

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Painted Fibre Glass


(Approx.) 153cm x 92cm x 61cm

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The Thief