Being Minorities — Contemporary Asian Art (Set of 68 Photographs)

Set of 68 photographs documenting the exhibition 'Being Minorities: Contemporary Asian Art'.

These photographs, along with other photographs (with artwork captions attached) documenting the same exhibition, are found within a paper storage bag titled 'Being Minorities — Contemporary Asian Art' (強勢以外亞洲當代藝術) located on shelf 129 in Ha Bik Chuen's studio.

More materials related to the exhibition 'Being Minorities — Contemporary Asian Art' are available in both the digital collection and the library of Asia Art Archive.


All shelf numbers in Ha Bik Chuen's studio are allocated by the Asia Art Archive research team.

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Being Minorities: Contemporary Asian Art (Set of 68 Photographs)

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Chinese - Traditional, 


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artwork documentation, 

event photograph/recording

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Being Minorities — Contemporary Asian Art (Set of 68 Photographs), 強勢以外 — 亞洲當代藝術 (68張照片)