Volume IV contains interviews conducted by John Clark in 1993 with artists or art practitioners born or working in Thailand. The interviews were conducted in English or Thai; those in Thai were done with the assistance of an interpreter (Luckanaa Pummuang, Professor Somporn Rodboon and Phaptawan Suwannakudt). All the interviews in Thai were transcribed by Luckanaa Pummang.

The transcriptions available were funded by Chaiyong Limthongkul Foundation.

List of interviewees, with categories designated by John Clark:

Salon/Realist Oil Painters

Opas Naklung 
Surasit Sarvakong
Modernist painters 

Vichok Mukdamanee
Damrong Wong-upparaj
Lawan Daorai
Kamin Lertchprasert
Chatchai Puipia and Pinaree Sanpitak
Vasan Sitthiket
Pratuang Emjaroen
Print artists

Itthipol Thangchalok
Thavorn Ko-Udomvit
Pisanuk Supanamit
Prayat Pongdam
Chalood Nimsamer
Kanya Chareonsupkul
Neotraditionalist painters

Prinya Tantisuk 
Apichai Piromak
Manit Poo-aree
Prasong Luemang

Amnuay Gunta-in
Uthit Atimana
Critics, art historians and others

Kamchorn Songpongsri
Chumpon Apisuk
Paisan Thirapongvisanuporn
Wiroen Thangcharoen
Sone Srimatrang


48 Records