'Cultural diversity and artistic identity are essential foundations that give a city its value and competitive edge. Korean cities are now shifting their focus from quantitative material growth and expansion to urban environment and public space, enthusiastically supporting public art to increase quality of life and enrich urban landscape.

'...Now the 3rd Anyang Public Art Project is approaching the local community and the residents through community-based collaborative art projects. This year's APAP 2010 was organised to explore the new dormant energy of a local community through public art engaging community participation rather than focusing on a physical outcome, and to attempt genuine public art in which Anyang residents themselves participate as the main agents of the project.' (p.7)

Featuring renowned artists from Korea and abroad, 'The 3rd Anyang Public Art Project' transforms Anyang City through research and community enhancement projects. Essays, photographs from the exhibition, and artist biographies and statements are included. 
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Intro Master Plan

APAP 2010, New Community: In the Open City - PARK Kyong, 박경동

Conversation: An Artistic Experiment for a New Public

Dislocated Conversations: Why Public Art is Essential - Suzanne LACY

APAP 2010 Project Structure

Part 1 New Community

Presenting the New Community

New Community Center Fosters the Physical Core of APAP 2010 - Soik Jung

Open School - Lot-Ek

Open House - Raumlabor

Open Pavilion - Mass Studies

Interview: Open Space for Collective Familiarity - Minsuk Cho

Infrastructure Supporting Open City

Bang Bang - Raumlabor

Slowtrans Anyang - Giacomo Castagnola

Interview: Mobile Device for Intimate Public Space / Giacomo Castagnola

Meeting the Residents

Open Masterplan - Raumlabor

Open Program

Open Exhibition: New Community Exhibition

APAP 2010 Exhibition - Epic of Anyang, 2010


Review of Districts in Anyang and Designation of Neighborhoods by Artist

Part 2 Open City

Rediscovering Anyang

Digital Anyang - Kael Greco

We Wish to Reincarnate in Paradise - Park Chan-Kyong

Can You Say That Again? (5 Unesay Pieces) - Raqs Media Collective

Open Vegetable Gardens - Marjetica Potrc

Anyang Skyscraper - Lawrence D. Butch Morris

New Shelter Project for Anyang Civilian Volunteer Police - Haewon Shin

Interview: A Dynamic Way to Understand the City - Kael Greco

A Monologue on Extreme Mobility - Raqs Media Collective

Again, Searching for Sustainability Through Growing Vegetable Gardens / Marjetica Potrc

A Container Needs Design - Haewon Shin

Community Works

Play, Bang Bang! - Hyunok Yoon

2010 Image of Manan - Record & Memory - Daelim Contemporary Art Museum

Being-Residents - O-Dong Team

Seoksu Art Project 2010 - Supplement Space Stone & Water

Seems Like Community - Wolsik Kim

Community Art, Requiring at Least a Letter of Apology - Wolsik Kim

Community: A Groundless Word - Sangbin Im

Art as Generator of Urban Processes

Room of Our Own - Anyang Women's Conversation - Suzanne Lacy

Museum of Complaints - Community Museum Project

Small Business Big Change - Rick Lowe

Revitalizing Local Businesses Through Urban Regeneration Process - Seo Jong Gyun

The Future Neighborhood: Conversations on Coexistence - Teddy Cruz + M7red

Interview: Leaving Memory Through Models - Teddy Cruz + M7red

Women's Conversation Resounding in Public Places - Suzanne Lacy

Public Art: The Possibility of a New Model to Tune a Diversified City - Soik Jung

Part 3 Talk About APAP 2010

Culture & City

Dialogue: Uttering Community Art Through APAP 2010 - Chaeneung Park, Wolsik Kim, Hyunok Yoon, Sangbin Im, Soik Jung, Jaejun Lee, Saehyung Oh

APAP 2010 and Art by Repute - Saehyung Oh

Reading the Litmus Paper of Public Art in Korea Through APAP 2010 - Jini Choi

Art & Politics

Interview: Hong-Hee Kim, Byungryul Choi, Geongho Song

Interview: Hye Hwa Shim, Jung Hee Han, Jaejun Lee, Hyeseong park



Anyang Public Art Project 2010: New Community: In the Open City
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