Modern Art was launched in January 1984 by Taipei Fine Arts Museum as its official journal. The present anthology Selected Writings on Contemporary Taiwanese Artists, collects feature stories of the Artist Navigator section of Modern Art bimonthly from Issue 100 onwards.
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Ruptured Reality and Holistic Illusion: A Discussion of Yuan Goang-ming's 'City Disqualified' - ZHENG Hueihua Amy, 鄭慧華
The Myths of Pathology: Liu Shih-fen's Voyage between the Sacred and the Profane - KAO Chienhui, 高千惠
The Human Soul as an Illusory Moment: A Discussion of the Video Art of Shu-min Lin - YAO Juichung, 姚瑞中
On the Road... Ten Years of Yao Jui-chung's Artistic Practice - ZHENG Hueihua Amy, 鄭慧華
Jun-Jieh Wang's Work and His Milieu - ZHENG Hueihua Amy, 鄭慧華
Tenacious and Full of Imagination: a Conversation with Chen Chieh-jen - ZHENG Hueihua Amy, 鄭慧華
Inborn Nature Making its Presence Felt: A Discussion of the Image Aesthetics of Huang Chih-yang - WANG Chiachi Jason, 王嘉驥
Traces of Lost Nostalgia: Chen Shun-chu's 'Journeys in Time' Series - ZHENG Hueihua Amy, 鄭慧華
From 'Collecting Spirits' to 'Home Plants' in the Ahli Palace: A Personal Account by Hou Chun-ming, 2004 - Edited by Chu-ling Chen
Into the Black-Hole of Nostalgia: on the Works of Tang Huang-chen - YAO Juichung, 姚瑞中
How can I stop worrying and start loving my life? Tsui Kuang-yu's Artwork - ZHENG Hueihua Amy, 鄭慧華
Street Corner Ambush: A Pair of Eyes - LI Weiching, 李維菁
Soft Subversion: Wang Te-yu's 'Feminine Sensibility' - ZHENG Hueihua Amy, 鄭慧華
Illusion Laid Bare: Discussing Wu Chi-tsung's Images - YU Wei, 游崴
A Thing or Two about Reading the Works of Tseng Yu-chin - LI Weiching, 李維菁
Artist Navigators: Selected Writings on Contemporary Taiwanese Artists
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Artist Navigators: Selected Writings on Contemporary Taiwanese Artists, 旗艦巡航:台灣當代藝術選粹

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