Publication produced in a limited edition of 1500 copies for the exhibition 'Beautiful Dragons', held at the Singapore Art Museum, 17 June-18 July 2004. Co-organized and co-published with the French Embassy in Singapore in celebration of the Month of Photography. Calling themselves 'journalists', Pierre & Gilles document their travels and encounters with individuals by taking portrait photographs of their subjects in highly stylised make-up, costume and settings, with homo-erotic themes. "Asia and its visual culture is a central theme and muse for the artists. It is an Asia that defies geographic boundary, it is an Asia of ideas and imagination, of popular culture and mystique. While the images, objects and ideas that appear in these works seem to have multiple origins, they coalesce into exquisite portraits, intense yet delicate, fantastic dreams that are also made of this world." - Quote from Kwok Kian Chow (Singapore Art Museum). Essays by Bernand Marcade and Verna Purushothaman, plus a chronology of the working partnership of Pierre & Gilles.
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The Asia Dreamt by Pierre & Gilles - Bernard MARCADE
Beautiful Dragon: Realising Asia in the Art of Pierre & Gilles - Venka PURUSHOTHAMAN
Beautiful Dragon
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Beautiful Dragon