South Korea's dynamic art scene has produced many internationally acclaimed artists, exhibitions and must-see biennials. However the conversation has been dominated by a handful of key personalities and voices. This book aims to rectify this, serving as a guide to Korean art professionals who are little known both in Asia and further afield. Each of the ten curators highlighted in this volume have contributed an essay on his or her favourite artist, and are interviewed about their backgrounds and interests, as well as their observations of the Korean art world over the years.

Foreword by Cho Wonhong, Kim Geumhee, and Elaine W. Ng. Artists' biographies and images of selected works are included. Curators' biographies are provided at the back.

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Nam Hwayeon: The Museum of Song, Telepathy and Choreography

- HYUN Seewon, 현시원

Using and Surpassing the Capitalist Artist System

- KANG Sumi, 강수미

The Words and Things of Seoyoung Chung: Luminous Evidence in the Concentration of Ambiguity

- KIM Hyunjin, b. 1975, 김현진

Kim Ayoung's In This Vessel We Shall Be Kept (2016): Archival Imagination

- KOH Dongyeon

Photographs by Jo Choonman as Future Necessity

- LEE Youngjune, 이영준


- PARK Jaeyong, 박재용

Harry, Practice "Becoming-Artist"

- Nathalie Boseul SHIN, 신보슬

The Words and Things of Seoyoung Chung: Luminous Evidence in the Concentration of Ambiguity

- SUH Jinsuk, 서진석

Reason Defying Fantasy Beyond Science (Préscientifique): Kim Yunchul

- YOO Wonjoon

Asian Fusion and the Complete Unobstructed Interpretation of Things

- YOON Jinsup, 윤진섭
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