Contemporary Chinese art is at crossroads, between past and future, between East and West. Against the backdrop of the world’s oldest civilization, artists in China today are at the forefront of what is also the world’s newest civilization. Their works grapple not only with issues of the global and the local, the past and the future, but more significantly, with issues of collective and individual identity. Bringing together images, essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, eyewitness accounts, artists’ biographies and projects, this book provides an invaluable and up-to-the-minute insight into the recent developments, debates and contradictory forces shaping art, exhibitions and criticism in China today, from both local and global perspectives.
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Ah Xian, 阿仙

CAI Guoqiang, 蔡國強

CAI Jin, 蔡錦

CHEN Qingqing, 陳慶慶

CHEN Weimin, 陳衛閩

CHEN Wenbo, 陳文波

CHEN Zhen, 陳箴

DAI Guangyu, 戴光郁

FANG Lijun, 方力鈞

GU Dexin, 顧德新

HAI Bo, 海波

HE Yunchang, 何雲昌

HONG Hao, 洪浩

HUANG Yan, 黃岩

HUANG Yong Ping, 黃永砅

JI Dachun, 季大純

JIANG Jie, 姜傑

JIANG Zhi, 蔣志

JIN Le, 靳勒

LI Liang, 李亮

LI Wei, 李暐

LI Xiuqin, 李秀勤

LI Yongbin, 李永斌

LI Zhanyang, 李占洋

LIANG Shuo, 梁碩

LIAO Bangming, 廖邦銘

LIN Tianmiao, 林天苗

LIN Yilin, 林一林

LIU Fenghua, 劉楓樺

LUO Zidan, 羅子丹

QIN Yufen, 秦玉芬

QIU Zhijie, 邱志傑

SHEN Ling, 申玲

SHENG Qi, 盛奇

SHI Hui, 施慧

SHI Qing, 石青

SONG Dong, 宋冬

SU Xinping, 蘇新平

SUN Lu, 孫璐

SUN Yuan, 孫原

WANG Chuyu, 王楚禹

WANG Guangyi, 王廣義

WANG Jianwei, 汪建偉

WANG Luyan, 王魯炎

WANG Qingsong, 王慶松

WANG Wei, 王衛

WANG Xingwei, 王興偉

WANG Youshen, 王友身

WANG Zhong, 王中

WEI Lin, 魏林

XIAO Yu, 蕭昱

XU Bing, 徐冰

XU Jiang, 許江

XU Ruotao, 徐若濤

XUE Jiahui, 薛佳慧

XUE Li, 薛利

YANG Fudong, 楊福東

YANG Jiechang, 楊詰蒼

YANG Maoyuan, 楊茂源

YANG Zhenzhong, 楊振中

YANG Zhichao, 楊志超

YIN Xiuzhen, 尹秀珍

YU Fan, 于凡

YU Ji, 余極

YU Youhan, 余友涵

ZENG Fanzhi, 曾梵志

ZENG Xun, 曾循

ZHAN Wang, 展望

ZHANG Bin, 張瀕

ZHANG Dali, 張大力

ZHANG Dongfeng, 張冬峰

ZHANG Huan, 張洹

ZHANG Nian, 張念

ZHANG Peili, 張培力

ZHANG Yizhi, 張義至

ZHANG Zhaohong, 張兆宏

ZHENG Guogu, 鄭國谷

ZHONG Song, 仲松

ZHOU Chunya, 周春芽

ZHOU Tiehai, 周鐵海

ZHU Fadong, 朱發東

ZHU Yu, 朱昱

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Chapter headings
Recent Riffs on the Cultural Revolution in Chinese Art - Britta ERICKSON, 林似竹
Transformations - Kathleen RYOR
Zhou Chunya: Heading Neither West Nor East - Jonathan GOODMAN
Cai Jin: Embroidering with Paint - Francesca DAL LAGO
Chen Wenbo: To Imagine Through Painting - CHEN Tong, 陳侗
Lin Tianmiao - Karen SMITH
A Transcultural Roulette Game: Huang Yongping's Roulette Series and Recent Related Works - Martina KOEPPEL-YANG, 楊天娜
Qin Yufen: A New Look at the Chaos of the World of the Mind - HUANG Du, 黃篤
Public Art and the Public Spirit: The Transcendental Nature of Zhong Song's Urban Environment Sculpture - ZHU Qi, 朱其
'Who am I?': Li Yongbin's Face Series and Its Reflections on Humankind - TANG Di, 湯荻
Images; Words and Violence: Cultural Revolutionary Influences on Chinese Avant-Garde Art - Francesca DAL LAGO
Re-Staging the Tiger: Feng Mengbo's Taking Mount Doom by Strategy - Bronwyn MAHONEY
Remolding a Hero; Remolding Icons - Martina KOEPPEL-YANG, 楊天娜
Putting On and Taking Off: How the Mao Suit Became Art - ZHU Qi, 朱其
The Rent Collection Courtyard Copyright Breached Overseas: Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Sues Venice Biennale - Britta ERICKSON, 林似竹
We Are All Too Sensitive When it Comes to Awards! Cai Guoqiang and the Copyright Infringement Problems Surrounding Venice's Rent Collection Courtyard - ZHU Qi, 朱其
Issues in the Third World and Approaches to Contemporary Art - HUANG Zhuan, 黃專
Existence of Art and Cultural Identity: Changes in Chinese Contemporary Art and Its Position - HUANG Du, 黃篤
Expanding Space: An Overview of Chinese Sculpture 1979-1999 - YIN Shuangxi, 殷雙喜
Chinese Conceptual Art of the 1990s - WANG Falin, 王發林
Experimental Art and Experimental Exhibitions: A Roundtable Discussion on Exhibitions and Curatorship - WU Hung, 巫鴻
Reinventing Exhibition Spaces in China - WU Hung, 巫鴻
Concerned with Existence: New Developments in Chinese Contemporary Sculpture - YIN Shuangxi, 殷雙喜
Food As Art - A Conversation between Zhang Zhaohui and Wu Hung - WU Hung, 巫鴻
Animal Games - WANG Val
The Space 'in-between': Curatorial Strategies for Chinese Contemporary Art - Sue ROWLEY
2000 Shanghai Biennale: A Day-by-Day Eyewitness Account - David BARRETT
Letters from Shanghai - Regi PREISWERK
'We've Become True Individuals': An Interview with Hou Hanru - ZHU Qi, 朱其
Taking a Look Behind the Scenes: An Interview with Li Xu - ANDONY Keith
The Shanghai Art Museum Should Not Become a Market Stall in China for Western Hegemonism - A Paper Delivered at the 2000 Shanghai Biennale - WANG Nanming, 王南溟
The Third Shanghai Biennale: Nobody Wants [His/Her Works] Not to be Considered Contemporary Art - ZHU Qi, 朱其
The 2000 Shanghai Biennale: The Making of a 'Historical Event' in Contemporary Chinese Art - WU Hung, 巫鴻
Chinese Art at the Crossroads
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Chinese Art at the Crossroads

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