'"Every kind of change belongs to a form of community art," states the Italian philosopher Antonio Negri. This is the inverse of the premise that community art can be an integral component of desired social changes. Negri confronts community art, its supporters and critics with a challenging responsibility, and extends this to include everyone who wants to bring about change in social, political, economic, technological or ecological arenas. Communal and artistic thinking go hand in hand. In Community Art, visual and performing artists and theorists employ diverse modes of thinking and writing to explore the practices and concepts of the phenomenon of community art in western and non-western societies. The book does not offer a cut-and-dried theoretical model, but presents a new critical reformulation of community art in society.' (Back Cover)

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Introduction - Between the Individual and the Common - Paul DE BRUYNE, Pascal GIELEN

Part I - Definitions

Mapping Community Art - Pascal GIELEN

Community Art as a Contested Artistic Practice - The Case of MET-X, Brussels - Paul DE BRUYNE

Community Art is What We Say and Write It Is - An De bisschop

Through Zina's Eyes - Community Artists as Artistic Professionals - Hans Van MAANEN, Quirijn Lennert van den HOOGEN

Part II - The Artist's Voice

The Vernissage by the MartHa!tentatief - A Play about Untameable Life at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century - Bart Van NUFFELEN

Alakondre - A Journey to the Invisible - Alida NESLO

The Advantage of Elephants - Building a Community of Artists One Trunk at a Time - Lionel POPKIN

Portrait of the Activist-Artist as an Ageing Artist-Activist - Ricky SEABRA

The Kids of Mitrovica - Bertus BORGERS

Part III - Rethinking Basic Concepts

Art and Common - A Conversation with Antonio Negri - Pascal GIELEN, Sonja LAVAERT

Revolution from Within: A Grandson of Government Changes Chinese Art Policy - An Interview with Zhang Changcheng - Alison M FRIEDMAN

'We're in a Cage, but It's a Very Big Cage' - An Interview with Richard Schechner and Carol Martin - Klaas TINDEMANS, Karel VANHAESEBROUCK

Part IV - Public Sphere and Activism

From Community Art to Communal Art - Paul DE BRUYNE

Chief Robert Duncan's Transformation Mask - The Native Carvers of Alert Bay - Hein SCHOER

Michelangelo Pistoletto and the People of Corniglia - 'We've Come a Long Way Together' - Luigi COPPOLA

About the Political Potential of Contemporary Art - Jonas STAAL

Ruangrupa - Experimental Video Workshops and Activism in Indonesia - Miguel Escobar VARELA

Out of Orders: Cirkus Cirkör - An Interview with Tilde Björfors


Jan Fabre - The Revolution in My Own Flesh - Luk Van den DRIES

Community Art: The Politics of Trespassing
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Community Art: The Politics of Trespassing

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