Volume two of a two-volume set that brings together papers from scholars on modern creative arts of India. The papers were originally presented at the national seminar ‘Comparative Aesthetics and Criticism of the Contemporary Arts,’ organised by the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in 1991.

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Chapter headings
The Context of Indian Film Culture - Satish BAHADUR
Towards a Theory of Film Practices: Some Contemplations Around Ritwik Ghatak's Subernarekha - Gayatri CHATTERJEE
Manipulation in the Trailer - C.B. PATTANAYAK
Interrogating Internationalism - Kumar SHAHANI
Rhythm and its Application - Kavalam Narayana PANIKKAR
The Idea of Dance in Sanskritic Tradition - Mandakini BOSE
Innovations in Classical Indian Dances: An Overview - Sunil KOTHARI
Choreography in the Indian Context - CHANDRALEKHA
Chandralekha & Her Bodyline Approach - Leela VENKATARAMAN
Abhinaya in Mohiniyattam - Bharati SHIVAJI
Chandrasekhar's Pancha Mahabhutam: Translating the Elements Into The Realm of Virtual Power - Gauri Parimoo KRISHNAN
Chau Dance Traditions: Transformations from Village Square to Metropolitan Stage - Prakriti KASHYAP
The Relevance of Rasa Theory in Contemporary Arts with special reference to music - Prem Lata SHARMA
The Aesthetic Development of a Rasika - P.K. DORAISWAMY
Fivefold Classification of Music - Indu RAMAN
The 'Modern,' the 'traditional' and Criticism in the Indian Musical Tradition - Mukund Lath
Hindustani Concert Scene During the Decade - Mohan NADKARNI
(Tiger Varadachariar) His Music - S.Y. KRISHNASWAMY
(Tiger Varadachariar) A River in Spate - K.S. KRISHNAMURTI
A Fool's Paradise - Jaimini MEHTA
The Changing Urban Environment: Challenges of Architecture - M.N. Ashish GANJU
Indian Shilpa Tradition, Silpi and Aesthetics: A Study of Correspondence - R.N. MISRA
A Peep Into the World Citra - Vaijayanti NAVANGAL
Text and Image: The Orientalist and the Revivalist Collaboration - Parul DAVE-MUKHERJI
Critique and Critical Criteria - Sandip SARKAR
Climate of Thought: Art Historical Writing up to the Early 1930s - Urmi KESSAR
Indian Radical Painters and Sculptors Association: The Crisis of Political Art in Contemporary India - Shivaji K. PANIKKAR
Towards a Possible Theory of Narrative in Indian Painting - Ratan PARIMOO
Creative Arts in Modern India: Essays in Comparative Criticism Vol. 2
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Creative Arts in Modern India: Essays in Comparative Criticism Vol. 2