DOXA Collective, a London-based artist and research group dedicated to the interaction of space and art, has been in collaboration with artists and theorists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea etc. to explore the spatial plight apparent in East Asian cities, as a result of the upsurge of the neoliberal discourse, only but aggravated by the gradual transformation of art and design into gentrifying devices by capitalism, which constantly re-creates styles of living and hence crises of aesthetics. This publication serves as a document of these research findings, and suggests in what roles art could play in the process of resistance. It also details how artists are involved in spatial resistance by remaking space in unprecedented ways, advocates a kind of 'creative space' as counter to space as conceptualised in conventional theoretical discourse, and links together the multi-dimensional resistance campaigns across East Asia.

The first part of the book, 'MAP', outlines the problematics brought by urbanisation and gentrification, and analyses the roles art plays from a theoretical perspective. The second part, 'TERRITORY', provides a list of resistant events and instances from different regions in East Asia, underscores different strategies of resisting, and the internal conflicts these resistances have inherited.

Includes contributors' biographies.

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Chuang yi kong jian: dong ya yi shu yu kong jian kang zheng

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如果我們還有空間 - Yuk HUI, 許煜
從創意經濟到危機經濟:尋找藝術體系的新構組 - DOXA
香港,一個非空間城市 - Ashley WONG, 黃詠欣, Nicholas SAURET
一個懸空橫額作品的社區藝術空間基礎條件政治 - LAU Kinwah Jaspar, 劉建華
輻射戰爭中的藝術-運動與新的共同(Common)的創造 - Kenichiro EGAMI, 江上賢一郎
當代藝術就是例外的符號 - LAW Manlok, 羅文樂
廢棄空間,或者是判亂據點-素人之亂 - Takuro HIGUCHI, 樋口拓朗
東京:宮下公園藝術村的抗爭 - Tetsuo OGAWA, 小川哲生
武漢:公共廢墟 - Dian Mai, 麥巔
香港:從八十後的觀點看活化廳 - LEE Chunfung, 李俊峰
台北:從諸眾觀點,談臺灣空間症狀及抗爭 - KAO Junhonn, 高俊宏
首爾:文來創作村:仕紳化外之舞 - KIM Kang, 김강
香港:佔領中環的美學論述 - CHAN Nin, 陳寧
Creative Space: Art and Spatial Resistance in East Asia
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Creative Space: Art and Spatial Resistance in East Asia, 創意空間:東亞藝術與空間抗爭

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